Saturday, August 3, 2019
Rules & Regulations
Farm Days Lawn Mower Derby is being held as a spectator attraction.
In the interest of safety, drivers and mechanics are subject to and must obey the following
rules and regulations that are set up by the
Morrow County Antique Tractor & Equipment Association's Lawn Mower Derby Committee.
1.  Participants must be 16 years of age or older. All 16 and 17 year olds must have a parent or guardian present and have a signed consent form.
2.  $10.00 entry fee will be added to $500.00 purse. Two pit passes will be included with entry.
3.  Any riding mower with a front mounted engine is allowed. No rear mounted engines will be permitted. 18 horse power maximum. Electric start preferred but if you have a pull start you must be able to start it FROM YOUR SEAT.  No zero turn mowers.
4.  All decks must be removed.
5.  You may make a homemade exhaust but it must point straight up.
6.  Bars must be welded on the side of the mower for leg and foot protection only. 1/4" thick steel maximum.
7.  If battery or fuel tank is in the front of the engine it must be moved to a safe location.
8.  You may make and use a hand throttle.
9.  Hoods must be bolted or wired down tightly.
10. You may use a spark plug protector. This must be mounted to the ENGINE ONLY.
11. You may weld flat bumpers to the front and rear of the mower. They cannot exceed the width of the body. They also may not extend further than 6" from the body. No pointed or jagged edges allowed.
12. No excessively thick bumpers, 1/4" thick steel maximum, remember these are mowers.
13. Nothing may protect the tires in any way.
14. No frame reinforcement permitted except what may be reqiured to attach bumpers.
15. Pulleys may be changed to your desired gearing.
16. Helmets and boots are required.
17. No homemade mowers are permitted.
18. Rear wheels may be no larger than 13". No duals, chains or wheel weight. Air only in tires.
19. Drivers are to remain on their mowers at all times unless mower is tiped over. No getting off to work on your mower. Doing so will result in disqualification.
20. Absolutely no sandbagging or gang hitting. You will receive one warning. Second time will result in       disqualification. You will have 60 seconds to make an aggressive hit or you will be disqualified.
21. If engine stalls you will be given 1 minute to restart.
Questions can be directed to
Jon Axthelm: 740-225-3558 or
Dick Poland: 419-946-8991
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Mount Gilead, Ohio
Lawn Mower Demolition Derby
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Jay Keets- Loudenville, OH
Scott Annett- Mt Gilead, OH
Adam Cornell- Mt Vernon, OH
The 2020 Lawn Mower Demolition Derby
will be Saturday, August 8
Courtesy of AnnaMarie Smith
Courtesy of AnnaMarie Smith
Courtesy of AnnaMarie Smith
Courtesy of AnnaMarie Smith
Lawn Mower Demolition Derby
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