Jon Axthelm 740 225-3558
Jim Myers 419 683-2495
Dick Poland 419 946-8991
Entry Rules:
1.Competition will be limited to the first 12 entries. Previous year's participants will have first chance to enter. Derby will consist of three heats with four combines per heat. Three or more combines must show up to have the derby.
2. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age and show proof of age.
3. All drivers and pit crew must sign liability waiver agreement.
4. Driver must wear seat belt and helmet with face shield.
5. Combines must be approved by the Combine Demo Derby committee before entry is accepted.
6. All combines must have cabs with safety bar across front of cab.
7. Combines must use a grain table in a fixed position at 18" from ground.
8. Combine grain table must have reel, reel arms, guards from cutter bar, and loose sheet metal removed. Combine ladder, unloading auger, and cab glass must be removed and the separator must be inoperative. Driver's door must be welded shut.
9. Fuel tank must be mounted in the grain tank.
10. Batteries must be mounted on top of the combine.
11. Combine tires must be rubber, filled with air only, no fluid will be allowed. No dual wheels will be allowed.
12. All combines to be as originally manufactured. (No reinforced parts or shields.)
13. A stick shall be mounted in vicinity of the operator. The stick will be broken off when operator is disqualified.
14. All combines must have 12" x12" white painted square on both rear sides of machine to be used for entry number.
15. Combines may be decorated, painted or offer advertising. No profanity or obscene materials will be allowed.
16.  All combines must be equipped with grain heads only, no corn heads allowed.
Derby Rules:
1. All combines must arrive by Saturday August 6th by 4:30pm for inspection. Enter at Gate B of the fairgrounds and to to the infield. A second inspection will be Saturday, directly prior to running of the derby.
2. Each driver will receive a gate pass and a pit pass. Pit crew can be no more than two members. They will receive a free 1-day pass and a pit pass. No other people will be in the pits once the combine derby is ready to begin.
3. All combines must participate in the parade before the start of the combine demo derby. Pit crew can ride only in the combine grain tank.
4. No combines will be allowed to run during any show that is going on in the grandstand.
5. No pit racing will be allowed.
6. No direct hits to the driver's area.
7. Drivers of combines are not allowed to lift the wheels of another combine off of the ground.
8. Drivers of combines have a maximum of three minutes to restart engine or have combine in motion.
9. After the last heat, combine drivers will have 20 minutes before returning to the consolation heat.
10. All motions of combines must be halted upon signal from flaggers and announcers in case of fire, injury or other emergency.
11. No hits when opponents combine is out of bounds or caught on side wills or end blocks.
(Reduce the possibility of combine upsetting) There will be no deliberate hitting of disabled combines. Disabled combines must have motors turned off. any unsportsman like conduct will result in immediate removal of participants off of the fairgrounds.
12. There will be four heats with 20 minute time limit for each heat. A consolation heat and feature heat will follow. Halfway during the feature heat disabled combines will be moved to each end of the track.
13. Head Judges decision is FINAL.
14. All combines must be removed form the fairgrounds by participant before dusk on Monday August, 7th, or they will be removed at the owner's expense.
15. A special reward will be given to the best decorated combine.
16. Cash premiums of $100.00 will be awarded to each of the participants of the combine demo derby.
17. The $25.00 entry fee will be refunded if your combine shows up and runs in the derby. No-shows will not be refunded.
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Entry form and $25.00 entry fee must be received by the MCAT&EA treasurer no later than
July 15, 2013.

Please make checks payable to:
Mail to: Gary Fraizer, Treasurer
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Combine Demolition Derby
Courtesy of Barbara & Jim Feustel
Courtesy of Barbara & Jim Feustel
Courtesy of Barbara & Jim Feustel
Courtesy of Barbara & Jim Feustel
Courtesy of Barbara & Jim Feustel
Courtesy of Barbara & Jim Feustel
Courtesy of Barbara & Jim Feustel
Courtesy of Barbara & Jim Feustel