The Morrow County Tractor & Equipment Association Inc. came to be after the Morrow County Fairboard advertised for county people to display their antique tractors at the 1989 fair. After the parade at that year's fair, several county men and women gathered by the log cabin and discussed interest in forming a club. At that time, Ike Mitchell volunteered to have a meeting at his farm.

In October 1989, Ike held a hog roast at his farm shop and several Morrow County people attended. Also, two couples from the Marion County Antique Steam & Gas Engine Club came and talked about their bylaws and the pros and cons of forming a club.  A decision was made to go ahead and vote for officers. They were: President,  Dave Cover; Vice President, Carlos Mitchell; Secretary & Treasurer, Kim Mitchell.
In January, 1990, a meeting was held at Country Girl Restaurant to choose the name of the club. The name chosen was THE MORROW COUNTY ANTIQUE TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT ASSOCIATION. Also, a committee was appointed to decide the rules and regulations for the club.
At the March, 1990 meeting, the rules and regulations were adopted. Also approved were the club colors of green and light green. At the June, 1990 meeting, three trustees were appointed and approved. They were Ike Mitchell; chairman, Doug Grimm, and Gary Frazier.
A telephone chain was set up to invite people to become members.
The first and second Farm Days were held in August, 1990 and 1991 at the McDonald's, Big Wheel, and Kroger parking lot in Mt. Gilead. Antique tractors were on display. The show was free to the public and round and square dancing and raffles were well accepted. This was all coordinated with our club officers and Rosemary Leving, P.R. for McDonald's, Mt Gilead.
At Christmas time each year the Association has a  holiday dinner. Little toy tractors are purchased and wrapped up for Santa to give to all the kids. Assocaition members bring canned food and children's toys to be given to the needy families of the community.
Association members have participated in many parades such as the Morrow County Fair Antique Tractor Parade, Marion Popcorn Festival, Chesterville Heritage Days, Cardington Memorial Day, Fulton Memorial Day, Ostrander Fourth of July, and Mount Gilead Memorial Day, Ohio Gourd Show, Halloween, Christmas, and the Desert Storm Parade of 1991.
All members are invited to display tractors and equipment at the Morrow County Fair each year.  Member's antique tractors are used to "pull-back" tractors and trucks at the Morrow County Tractor Pull and Truck Pull at the fair and also at the pulls on July 4th. Association members have also traveled to the Marion County Fair to help "pull-back".
Money for the Association has been earned from many bake sales and raffles, pie and quilt auctions, sale of club t-shirts, hats and jackets, calendars, the Farm Collector Show Directory, and yearly dues.
For many years members restored an antique tractor to be raffled at the Farm Days Show. The 2018 raffle, a Farmall H pedal tractor, was awarded on Sunday, August 5th. The winner of the 2019 pedal tractor, an Allis Chalmers WD45, will be drawn on Sunday, August 4, 2019.
The Morrow County Antique Tractor & Equipment Association Inc. is a supporter of community charities and non-profit organizations. Recently, the Association funded a new Pavilion which has been constructed behind the small stage on the Morrow County Fairgrounds.
Association membership is open to anyone who wishes to join. Club meetings are usually held on the first Sunday of each month.
The Association now operates with a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, and nine Trustees. Officers and trustees serve two-year terms.
Each spring and fall the Association has a Plow Day and picnic. Many members show up with their antique tractors and plows, and many more people show up to watch the antique equipment work. A potluck lunch is enjoyed by everyone in attendance.
Farm Days is held every August at the Morrow County Fairgrounds in Mt Gilead. On display at the Show are numerous antique tractors, farm equipment, garden tractors, pedal tractors, and hit and miss engines, Among the many attractions and activities for antique tractor enthusiasts and the local community are the Antique Tractor Pulls, Power Pulls, Figure 8 Races, Lawn Mower Demolition Derby, Consignment Sale, Farm Toy Show, Kid's Pedal Pulls, threshing and other old fashioned demonstrations, Antique Tractor Rodeo, Slow Race, Pie Bake-off & Auction, Crafts and Flea Markets, Entertainment, and Food Vendors.
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An annual family Association picnic has been held in June every year since 1990.
Memorials to Past Club Members
Nora Baler
Ike Mitchell
Russell Jagger
Bob Wilson
Arnold Korody
Joan Westevelt
Robert Loyer
John Lindsay
Russ Flora
Ora Mosbarger
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